And so it begins…

The Detroit Tigers’ 2010 season that is. It was not even an official exhibition, the match-up against NCAA Division II Florida Southern this afternoon, but it was the start of what is bound to be a season of ups and downs and everything in between.

Up – Austin Jackson and Scott Sizemore, as in up in the big leagues it appears, starting in center and second, respectively.

Down – in the rotation for Jeremy Bonderman if his shoulder can hold it together as he returns to the team, formerly a front-line starter now being asked to eat up innings in the 4th slot.

I love that there could be a resurgence from Ordonez and Guillen, who will be SO much better not having to play the field. And I love that Cabrera is swearing off alcohol right now. A sound decision from someone who nearly spent the night in the drunk tank – THE NIGHT BEFORE THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR.

I fear. I fear that Porcello and Scherzer both pitched 40+ more innings than they did before in their careers and are bound for a 1.00+ ERA jump and/or a stint(s?) on the DL.

But it is here, the start of the season, and box scores I shall follow.

Goodnight and God Bless,