The euro faces the fate of the USFL…

Greece may start it. Abd the it is the collapse of the euro. The way things are headed around the mediterranean, we may be seeing the return of the franc, deutschmark and lira. The USFL once got off to a good start. A lot of rich guys dumped a lot of money into the league. The league actually gained a little traction as more money was thrown at it and players like Jim Kelly and Steve Young signed on to play in it. Heck, the league even found a way to deliver Detroit a football championship.

The euro also stared slowly. It used to take more than one euro to buy a dollar, now that has flipped, which I guess says something about China’s ownership of the US as much as it does of the euro whalloping any competition, but, nonetheless, the euro has, or should I say had gained strength. Germany’s chancellor gave the idea of propping up Greece a beatdown and may prove a faulty fulcrum moment in the history of the euro.

England’s delusional business secretary somehow still supported England jumping on the euro’s weighted down bandwagon as recently as last week. Fortunately for his countrymen, the secretary has only months to live in his job as the Tories look ready to boot Labour out in May. The foolishness of thinling England should adopt the euro can go away with these elections.

The euro needs to take a deep breath, set up new parameters and avoid taking on too many (if any) new member countries until the plicies are appropriate for that.

Good luck to the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) can find some sun driven tech. But regardless, the pound is safe and strengthening (relatively at least).

Goodnight and God bless,