Stepping down from the throne…

Pistons President Tom Wilson stepped down yesterday after 32 years at Palace Sports and Entertainment. From a basketball perspective, Pistons fans can hope that the last member of the leadership triumverate that had reigned Joe Dumars, along with owner Bill Davidson who passed away, and Wilson, will be the next one to find greener pastures.

The Pistons are mired in muck. They are too good to get a top 5 pick but too bad to do any damage in the playoffs.

Carmelo Anthony continues to improve and is leading a very strong Denver outfit. Thanks Joe. Gosh I’m glad that we got to give Darko a ring for his stop here. Carmelo would have had his ring and could have been building for a run at multiple others had Dumars not gaffed with the worst pick in NBA history.

To make matters worse, Dumars threw $95 million or so out the window to see who would pick it up this past summer…when NO ONE GOOD WAS AVAILABLE!

Welcome Ben Gordon and Charlie Brickanueva! Glad to have you help our bench…oh wait, you’re being paid like starters. And now the team has little cap room to operate with…THE BEST FREE AGENT CLASS EVER!

Well done Joe. For full disclosure, Dumars was my favorite player growing up. Because of him I was able to celebrate two world championships in my prime sports development years. Back then, however, I was not in charge of dishing out the cash to go to games. Now I am. And God help me if I spend more than $10 to watch the product at The Palace right now. Maybe if a star is in town from another city would I dish out a little more.

Wilson has left open the top of the business empire to whoever will buy the team from Davidson’s widow. Dumars needs to follow the same path. Detroit is a good five years away from being competitive, if not longer because of the basketball decisions made lately. I think it’s time for stepping down.

Quick hits of the day:

– Tiger to speak Friday. TheLockhart predicted Tiger would be back on the course before the Masters as a tune up. Breaking his silence now allows him to start getting the media wound down (or will it be more wound up?) before he hits the links.

– Big day in the Olympics today – and televised! Men’s curling, Men’s hockey, Women’s curling, Women’s halfpipe. Lovin’ it.

– Apparently Johnny Damon is choosing between AL Central rivals Chicago and Detroit, with his wife preferring Chicago. Watch out Johnny, comments like this one are going to get you in trouble “But it’s up to me. She’s going wherever I go.” Who’s putting money on Chicago with this?

– Big night of American Idol last night. The Top 24 is out and ready. And let me tell you, watching it the morning after having Tivo’d it is fantastic.

Goodnight and God Bless,