Renegade and Renaissance…

I love when the Secret Service names of high-profile individuals are made public. In this case, Renegade and Renaissance are President and Mrs. Obama. Pretty fitting. This article was pretty revealing and also struck some interesting chords with third party quotes.

My favorite comes from a former Clinton pollster who points out that the current administration misconstrued Obama’s victory as a support for his liberal agenda. Instead, the pollster points out, it was in response to George W. Bush and the credit crisis. This really proves more and more true every day. Bush actually pushed far more government than many conservatives, this one included, would like to see. Bigger is better in Texas, but not in government and Bush forgot that.

So whereas it appears the Obama adminstration thought each vote meant every voter had read The Audacity of Hope and wanted to see all of the socialist traps spelled out in the book put into place, really, change and a hope for a better economy were really all that people were voting for.

The fact that all incumbents appear scared to run in the mid-terms, Republican and Democrat alike, shows more of this feeling that change is needed for change sake, not for a specific political agenda.

Less government, more free market activity, and more support for American business and the entrepreneurs who will drive it forward is what most want to see.

Quick hits of the day:

– Congrats to Apolo Ohno and his 7th Winter Olympics medal. You made Yuki proud.

– Banks are still failing. The crisis is far from over.

Goodnight and God Bless,