Random questions of the day…

– How many medals is the US going to win this year? 20 and counting right now.

– Should the Pistons just lose out?

– Who is going to be the last Tiger to make it to training camp after all of the delays that will happen?

– Now that the Fed has raised the discount rate, how quickly are you going to see that hit your interest rates? Whose refinancing asap?

– Who thinks it is crazy that 53% of income is spent on housing in California?

– What is the difference between “well” and “wealthy”? When do you hit that difference? What do you need in the bank or yearly income?

– Can you achieve wealthy while working for the man?

– How much would you pay for a full time online channel of all the sports from the summer and winter Olympics you never see but once every four years?

– How dumb does this Catholic in England feel about screwing up Ash Wednesday?

Goodnight and God Bless,