Delta gets it wrong…

AGAIN!!!! In one of the most frustrating turn of events, the Delta takeover of Northwest continues to display why this company will slowly die in the coming years. At a time whewn customers should be woo’d and appeased, Delta is doing everything they can to tick off the man getting onboard.
I just got done getting my hand luggage weighed for the first time by this airline. The previous three and a half years at the same airport never once saw hand luggage get weighed. Gas prices are no longer exorbitantly high, so they cannot tell me they have a gas cost problem. The planes are equipped to hold a great deal of weight, so the lady at the desk’s excuse that there is a health and safety issue rings English scare tactic through and through.
Thankfully, in some way, I have spent too much with Delta over the last year and achieved gold status, otherwise I would have now been limited to only 1 piece of checked luggage. I gladly played the gold member card to get my second checked bag free, which had been free for flying to the US for ages and ages. BAD rule change Delta, BAD service. The lady at the desk then proceeded to get nit picky about a few extra kilos as well. If it wasn’t one thing with this abomination of an airline, it was another.
Some called Northwest Northworst, but Delta is proving to be the worst ever. Passengers need to be catered to, not hated on. Flying is bad enough once you are on the plane that you do not need these hassles before.
Executives in Atlanta need to wake. They need to remember who pays the bills and how they want to travel, or else they are going to see me at the front of the line clapping the day their planes get painted with the Lockhart Luxury Air symbol.
Goodnight and God Bless,