But Air France gets it right…

After a delay that stretched past the hour expected originally, Air France decided to pass out sandwiches (chicken, tuna or ham) and a drink (Coke, Diet Coke or Water) to all passengers. A very needed, appropriate and positive move by the French.

First night getting to sit in front of the Olympics and pumped to be doing so. Big win for Seth Wescott in the snowboardcross which is a pretty fun event to watch. That’s back-to-back golds for Westcott. Tune in tomorrow to see if Lindsay Jacobellis redeems herself for her method-err four years ago in Torino in the women’s take on the event.

Quick hits of the day:

Ooops! Good luck to this guy after falling into Mt. St. Helens.

– Is there more painful TV than watching a figure skater bite it during the Olympics? Painful, very painful.

Goodnight and God Bless,