Yes they did…

The Massachusetts populace, with a registered electorate of 3.5 Democrats for every Republican, elected a Republican (Scott Brown) to the United States Senate for the first time in my lifetime. The People’s Seat, as it became known, was handed over from the deceased Edward Kennedy – a Democrat if we have ever seen one, to Brown in what became a referendum not on what the Republicans have done but what the Democrats have not done and have threatened to do (rewriting The Constitution and honoring Mao both seem to be featured prominently on the agenda). The national spotlight shone brightly on Brown and this race as he now provides the Republicans with the ability to filibuster Democratic legislation, such as the absurd health care reform plans. The Democrats have lost the super-majority of 60 votes in the Senate and face an uphill battle when the next round of elections take place in November. As quickly as the Democrats said, “Yes we can”, we can all thank Massachusetts for helping slow down the socialistic reform efforts and say to Washington, “Not so fast.” Hopefully Brown will pick up a copy of The Constitution to take with him to Washington to remind his brothers and sisters in the Senate what rules they should be playing by.

Not surprisingly, a last-ditch effort by President Obama failed mightily. In the game I played, we call that a strikeout, after his first two losses in the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections. Three elections, three misses for the former campaign sweetheart. One year in and just over a week before the State of the Union and this President’s coattails are looking mighty short. How many Democrats are going to ask for a special visit when they are on the ballot in 10 months?

If this election taught us anything, it is that once again we found out, never mess with Curt Schilling.

Quick hits of the night:

– The NFL early-entry list is final. From a fantasy perspective, there is probably less standout talent on the offensive side of the ball than you (or others like me holding the #1 pick in your draft) would like to see. I’m still waiting to see Julio Jones’ name on a draft list next year. I got excited about Julio when he was being recruited as a senior in high school. I hear he wants to play for POTUS (my dynasty league team).

– How happy am I to have my Tivo set up once again? VERY! Boy I have missed skipping commercials. Tivo’d “American Idol” tonight and got to run through it very quickly when I got home.

– Not surprisingly, the Tigers have been the 7th worst efficient team of the decade.

– Big fan of the jumbo hot dogs and “slice and soda” combo at Notre Dame Prep. Great concession stand food. Well done NDP!

Goodnight and God Bless,