Why it looks like Tim Tebow will be in the Super Bowl before he is drafted…

Not many NFL draft prospects, current or past, have had as celebrated of a college career as Tim Tebow. I would venture to say that none, however, played in the Super Bowl before they were drafted.

That’s because Tebow is slated to appear in a multi-million dollar ad during the Super Bowl on February 7th.

As reported in the articled linked above, “the ad’s theme will be ‘Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life.’ with Pam Tebow sharing the story of her difficult 1987 pregnancy – instead of getting an abortion she decided to give birth to Tebow.”

Time for my pulpit stand…the fact that the Supreme Court somehow decided that abortion should be legal is a crime in itself. The fact that the issue is as divisive as it is today proves the lack of comfort even those who support the Court’s decision over 30 years ago. Why people have to go to lengths to try and decide when birth starts is baffling to me. Egg, sperm, baby. It’s alive. Quit trying to guess if it isn’t.

I am even more baffled by the fact that this argument has led to being called Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life. This makes it sound like the first time anyone had a choice in the matter was after conception (and let me put rape and incest aside because I know those might be different cases and I want to know statistics that I don’t have right now before I touch that part of the argument).

Hey baby, let’s have sex. Choice – have sex or not.

Hey baby, let’s pull the goalie. Choice – condom or not.

Two HUGE opportunities for CHOICE before you get to…

Hey baby, let’s kill our offspring. Choice – murder or not.

This is so simple and basic it has risen to the level of baffling. The fact that there are groups angling to get the Tebow ad pulled obviously don’t realize how silly they look in this argument. They also must not have seen that Sandra Cano (Jane Doe of Roe v. Wade) has fought to get the decision reversed.

Quick hits of the day:

– Brickbreaker – it’s addicting. Better not to start. I had to turn my phone off on a plane to Hong Kong (which I’m still not convinced would really screw up something as big as a 747) and when I landed I found out that my ongoing game had been reset – I was on level 741 with over 100 lives left. Not a happy camper.

– Fantasy football – there is nooffeason. I love that I get daily updates from Mobile, Alabama each day this week.

– Duke’s Burger in Hong Kong was awesome today. Tough to find a really good hamburger outside of the HGH induced cow burgers from back home but SimplyLife did well with the Surfer Burger (bacon and melted cheddar today).

– Watched “Absolute Power” featuring Clint Eastwood for breakfast this morning….and found out that David and Sherry Palmer had shared the big screen before sharing the small screen in 24. Love connecting the dots.

– Big win for MSU over U of M in basketball tonight. Kalin Lucas was clutch to set an MSU record start to the Big Ten schedule at 8-0.

– Get ready for populist reversal 2010 Wednesday night – the State of the Union is a must-watch.

– I’ve agreed with Jim Furyk since November.

Close Shave America, a must watch according to The Crew.

– Countdown to 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver – 16 days. I cannot wait to see curling again. What an awesome sport. If you’re interested in trying it out, metro Detroit actually has a curling club. Been there, tried that, loads of fun.

Jim Thome returns to kill the Tigers.

– Jet lag update – almost saw 11 pm but still woke up at 5 am this morning. Pre-breakfast elips are getting to become a good start to the day.

Goodnight and God Bless,


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