What’s the next internet…

Maybe I should ask former Vice-President Gore. Actually, it is not the internet, per se, but the next big thing. Where are we going in the 20-teens. What explodes? I started this discussion with my friend Big Head at The Hills today (solid Tuesday burger special and a great Philly cheese steak – I’ll take mine with no onions or peppers and American, please). We did not progress too far so I think we’ll end up with a big white board and some of the other members of The Crew in front of a whiteboard in the coming months.

Some hypotheses of where we may be headed, or in some cases, where we (in this case Americans) need to be headed:
– a return to manufacturing, citizens working two jobs and fighting for the American dream
– virtual insanity – how virtual can we get? how many people can work from home? how little can we make our carbon footprint (if in fact we are dealing with global warming…which seems to be back up for debate)
– renting – more often and longer
-embedded computer chips – in our arms – I’ve been waiting to eliminate my wallet, keys and a number of other items for awhile; why not just embed a chip and swipe away
– working communities – live in a community focused around a place of employment, almost like how we see military families living, cost reduction in many ways
hoverboards – why am I not cruising around town on a Marty McFly “Back to the Future II” style board yet? I’ve been dying for this to become mainstream
– a 3-D love affair – from what my boys O-Tizzle and Big Head tell me, “Avatar” can be life-changing. I may let them go play World of Warcraft to go with that experience, but from what I hear, the 3-D movement is going to be cheap and easy compared to the drawn out HD transition. We’ll have to see if everyone wants to put on glasses to watch TV (lasiks kinda seems pointless now!). This does allow me to introduce you to Leeroy Jenkins. Watch and enjoy as no intro can do this justice…

– feel free to add your own, and maybe we can figure out how to make it work together

Wherever we go, my moleskin will continue to fill up this year. Time to push for something new and fun, or old and redesigned.

Quick hits of the night:

– Jack is back in a big way. No spoilers here at TheLockhart. Play your TiVo and get ready to tune in tomorrow at 8 pm EST for 2 more hours of 24 heaven.

– Hitch is truly an underrated movie. Kevin James and Will Smith crack my stuff up. Thank you TNT for rolling it out tonight.

– Watched The Golden Globes’….results update on FoxNews.com. Have learned that there is little need to actually watch awards shows. I’ll get a highlight speech on youtube if anything great happened. Kind of a “show me the money” mentality. Sorry awards shows, you’ll be down to an hour or so before the end of the next decade.

– I think we are going to get an overly healthy dose of Rex Ryan this week. Might be too much by gametime, but let me be clear, I love that he put together a timetable for the playoffs that ended with a parade. Play to win and believe in it. That’s fantastic and more people need to sack up and be bold.

Goodnight and God Bless,


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  • This is why I come to The Lockhart!! Fantastic insight and comedy daily. The Lockhart provides with the ends to most of the thoughts I have daily and many of the sentences that I utter. Keep it up…this has turned into my daily bathroom material.