What is the life of a 747???

I think I just stepped into 1985. There are no individual video screens on the seatbacks. The plane is a jumbo with an upstairs but economy only has a giant screen on the wall in row 21. Not the most pleasant, or flexible, viewing experience from row 30. Are you kidding me with this? The total flight exceeds $5k and I get to watch whatever some lackey in Delta corporate picks?

This plane has to be older than my friend Murph, and Murph is old.

The legroom could use a little work too. Unfortunately it is hard to fight “the man” when the plane is full. There are probably over 600 people on board, so I’m guessing the overhead luggage has over 1800 cameras.

Well, I’ve never been to the fart east before so I am excited for the experience.

Quick hit of the day:

– the USOC funds over 45 sports with an annual budget less than what the NY Yankees spend on their payroll for one year. $150mil for hundreds of athletes, and not just wahges but training and living and travel expenses too. The shocking thing, quite a few of the athletes support the system the way it is. Apparently they don’t want a handout or have everything given to them. Now that’s the attitude that wins them a gold medal in my book.

Time to go lose a day.

Good afternoon and God Bless,