The best show on TV returns…

Tomorrow night 24 season 8 kicks off with a 2 hour premier. I am currently watching the last episode of season 7 to refresh my memory as to where everything left off, however i am in extreme debate whether or not i will actually watch 24 live. I have begun seasons before but have never watched an entire season on TV because I hate waiting for commercials and the week in between. It is also because I started watching seasons 1-3 all on DVD and from then on had a penchant for trying to watch seasons as fast as possible on DVD when they came out.

Having just visited NYC after New Year’s, I am thrilled to see Jack taking the show to The Big Apple. Tony is alive. Kim will be back and Chloe cannot help but provide us with laughs. I am getting excited just thinking about it.

Quick hits of the night…
– There was apparently strong debate as to whether the Democrats actually wanted President Obama to campaign in Massachusetts against Scott Brown (nice name) this weekend after campaigning in New Jersey and Virginia for the governor’s races and losing both. Oh how the mighty have fallen (in less than a year…as if this was not one of the most predictable scenarios ever…it is nice to see that many are finally lifting the sheets over their eyes and seeing what is really going on).

– I was rooting for the Ravens. The fact that they could never develop sustainable drives was frustrating. The Colts should have gone for 19-0 and the fact that they pulled the plug on it disgusted me.

– Paint Creek Tavern was packed tonight. A rare hole-in-the-wall bar in Rochester has fantastic wings and one of my favorite hamburgers around.

Goodnight and God Bless,