Random questions of the day…

– Did anyone know that Webster’s parents were married in real life too?

– Or that Emmanuel Lewis played Webster from ages 12 to 16?

– Is rewriting the state constitution really what Governor Granholm should be focusing on these days? There are seriously no other big problems?

– How much confidence do you have in Austin Jackson taking over in centerfield and the leadoff spot for the Tigers?

– And now that I have linked to Detroit New’s Wojo, how many of you want to grab his gobbler and shake it?

– How solid does this make Josh Cribbs look (from Rotoworld) – “Josh Cribbs brought core special teams blockers with him to Miami, and he’s going to rotate wearing their jerseys the rest of the week.”

– Really? Really? also from Rotoworld, “Former Cardinals CB Eric Green is the subject of a $10 million lawsuit that alleges he forcibly sodomized a transgender New York woman?

– I think the real question is, was she a woman then or is she a woman now?

– Does anyone really think General Motors should be allowed to pay off its government debt by issuing new stock?

– How do stockowners really get so screwed by the system that a company can go bankrupt, make stock worthless, then come back and issue new stock? That’s criminal. Is that where the idea of a born-again virgin came from? Born-again stock? Ooops! Let’s start over.

– Now that Toyota has lost money for the first time in 59 years, just how long is it before a Chinese automaker takes over the auto industry?

– When was the last time you checked out nooffseason.com?

– How many years will it be before you really want to go buy an iPad? 2? 4? Never?

– Does Pau Gasol really belong in the All-Star game ahead of Chris Kaman (20ppg/9rpg/5o%FG)?

– Should David Stern change the voting rules so someone like Allen Iverson (couldn’t find a team, doesn’t always start for the one he’s on, OLD) doesn’t get to start in an All-Star game in the future?

– Who else is excited to go see the Big Buddha on Lantau Island this weekend?

– Who else has not read “Catcher in the Rye” but feels like they should? God rest J.D. Salinger who just passed at 91.

Goodnight and God Bless,


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