Mr. President, a novel idea, how about you do your job…

And give the front row seats back to the Georgetown donors, alumni, students or whoever else you commandeered them from. Seriously, I woke this morning and was appalled to see that President Obama flet that he not only needed to attend the match-up between the Hoyas and Duke Blue Devils but also to slip into the announcer’s seat. Are you kidding me? Are there no better uses of your time that this takes priority? Is there not ten percent of your workforce looking for a job? Is China not taking over a bigger and bigger piece of ownership of your country every day? Did you not get elected do the hope you provided your electorate? Appalled. Embarrassed if the world press actually got ahold of this. And really, not surprised one bit. The Celebrident has not learned, has not heard the results of the lsst 3 elections, and DOES NOT have a single sensible voice strong enough around him to put him in his place.

Get in your office Mr. President. Put the game on in the background and invite a bi-partisan group of politicians over to discuss what can actually be done. But please, get off the TV, out of someone’s seat and to work, if you even know what that is. For 4 years, no one wants to see you live at Georgetown. They really don’t want to see you that often. The less they see you, the more likely they will think you are doing your job, a novel concept for someone who really has never had a real job to speak of.

On a separate note, everything there is to do in Macau can be done in 2 and a half hours. High-speed Turbojet from HL to Macau gets it started. A hike through town into the heart of the city and over to the historic Portuguese fort and St. Paul’s ruins gives you a great view of the city. St. Paul’s is interesting because only the front wall remains. Head from there to the old town architecture aincluding a big pink mansion, which looks like it belongs on south beach. Lsst stop, the casinos. Casino Lisboa is kind of a confusing mess. The Wynn is beautiful and so disparate from the town you are shocked to think you are stil in the same city. Roulette tables are few and far between but the facilities prove how much money is pouring into Asia. Hop on the free shuttle back to the ferry and you will think you never need to head back to Macau, check it off the life to do list.

Turbojet is the “recognised leader in the Hong Kong to Macau high-speed passenger transportation industry. That’s straight out of their magazine horizon. Seriously? Like you aren’t the only one? Ridiculous thing to tout TJ.

Big win for Aston Villa yesterday. 2-0 over Fulham and propelling them into 6th in the table after not scoring in their lst 4 league matches.

Goodnight and God bless,