He shall, from time to time…

Update Congress with the state of the union. Wouldn’t it be funny if the president just sent each congressman a copy of the USA Today? Or an e-mail with a link to TheLockhart.com?
Amazing feed on whitehouse.gov pumped into the conference room in Hong Kong today. Love technology. Watching the speech at 10 am was pretty nice.

How did I like the speech? Eh, it was uninspired. I really do not have much substantial reaction because it did not change my mind on my thoughts of where he wants to take the country. My biggest beef is with President Obama’s infatuation with community colleges. This is the second significant speech he has delivered which included his desire to see his fellow Americans strive to get community college educations.

Mr. President, community colleges did not make this the best country in the world and they are not going to save us from slipping into a second tier economy. The world sends their children to America’s BEST universities. We should be asking why are parents are not demanding the same of our chilrdren, why our children are not rising the ranks of math and science instead of struggling to to get out of high school.

Interesting facts of the day were President Obama has been to 28 states and 20 countries during his first year in office. While I have always felt one of the most important roles of a president is as an international face for the country, I find these 2 numbers to be extreme. When was he actually behind his desk? When wasn’t he on TV? Get to work Mr. President. I don’t need to see you on TV for you to do your job.

Quick hits of the day:

– love HK dollars. I was able to throw ten dollars on a horse lst night at Happy Valley racecourse (opened in 1846) and felt like a big shooter – while only losing about a dollar fifty US.

– Big props to Anthony Hargrove for picking himself up and fixing his problems. Good story on cnnsi.com about the Saints DL today.

– cute matching purples between VP Biden and Nancy “The Blinker” Pelosi

– avoid the elevators at 12:30 in Hong Kong, and book your lunch table for noon, it’s a mad rush of programmed individuals all at once

Goodnight and God Bless,