Big Buddha and 3G in Fook Mam…

I habe dropped about 7 calls with Verizon (who I suggest and have used since I was 16) in the last 3 months or so while sitting in my condo. It doesn’t irk me too much but I have found it strange in an area where you can see so many cell towers. Well, I just finished lunch at Fook Moon Lam restaurant in Tai O village on Lantau Island of Hong Kong and was pulling in a frighteningly great 3G signal throughout the meal. Much better cell coverage at Fook than sweet and sour pork bones. Bad choice off the menu. Amazing how this town of stilted houses can pump out a 3G signal that beats metro Detroit.

This lunch excursion followed a trip to the Big Buddha, the word’s largest outdoor bronzed Buddha. Which, while impressive and is something I had not seen before, has enough classifiers that it is like highlighting how I am the biggest white American in FOok Moon Lam restaurant. Big Buddha has 268 steps to the top and is best travelled to by the cable car leaving from Tung Chung.

Big Buddha reminded me of a southern Ohio landmark The Crew and I admire, BFJ, or Big F-ing Jesus, which sits on the eastern side of I-75 south of Cincy. I think BFJ is the largest white stone, chest up, arms out Jesus north of the Mason-Dixon line east of the MississIppi.

En route to the Mui Wo ferry for the encounter with Victoria Harbour from the water.

Goodnight and God Bless,