Tonight might just be bullets.

Quick hits of the night –

– “Leno Sparty” the new logo for Michigan State looks a little strange and is completely broken. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

– How redemptive have the last few years been to former President Bill Clinton? He was interviewed at halftime of the Lakers/Knicks game on ESPN tonight. He was promoting the Haitian cause, hugging players, smiling the whole time. It wasn’t THAT long ago that he completely disrespected the office of the presidency and all those that came before him with his little Oval Office hook-up. Impressive of how forgiving the American people can be. His Q rating has to be killing the current president’s.

– While we’re talking presidents, has any president ever been on TV speaking as often as President Obama? Today I saw his jobs town hall in Elyria, Ohio. When I was growing up, it was a big deal if the president spoke. The networks put up a message, introduced the president from the Oval Office. The explosion of 24-hour news stations such as CNN and FoxNews have changed the landscape. Now it seems like the only thing I miss of what President Obama does is trips to the bathroom and meals. Are his words as impressive if you see them every day? Is it that big of a deal to see the president speak if all you have to do is change channels? I think you can tell what my answers are to that. A jobs speech? Maybe he should be doing his job rather than talking about jobs so much. Let the representatives of Ohio go to Elyria. Get in a room and get some work done.

– Is Alvin Gentry really the head coach of a 25-18 team in the NBA? WOW! I NEVER would have seen that coming from his stint in Detroit.

– Who wants to drop me a buck twenty? And by that I mean $120 million, or the 30% estimate it would take to be the lead investor to purchase the Pistons. $120mil from the primary owner, $150mil line of credit from a bank, and $100-$150mil from minority investors…sounds like a deal to me. I’ll take a Dippin’ Dots stand (Have you seen them anywhere else in Metro Detroit? and yes, I know they have full stores in other cities.) with that too please!

– NFC/AFC Championship weekend. Great article about the games by Bill Simmons. And yes, The Sports Guy is a must read.

– Quite a calling. If you rode the pine, I can see the justification. But you were the Arizona Fall League MVP. WOW, the Lord loves this guy (and hates me for questioning it)!

– Who dressed up like a pirate as a kid for halloween? or just for fun? Did you EVER think that we’d see real stories about real pirates in the year 2010? Poor family in England worrying about this couple. Really? Pirates? We can’t just put warships in oceans and clear these guys out?

– Did anyone else see the LA Super Dog today? This dog got a ridiculous amount of airtime as it was trapped in an LA “river”. I put the quotes around river because apparently this is usually a dried up basin that only has water flowing heavily through it because of the recent storms. Pretty sweet save by a chopper dropping a guy in to pick up the dog and then dropping dog-saver and dog on the highway. How did the dog-saver exit? He stayed attached to his line and got pulled back up into the chopper. That family better say a HUGE thank you because that was not a cheap dog rescue.

– My new favorite article of clothing. Yep, the J-Woww sling shirt. I cannot believe I just referenced Jersey Shore. I have never even watched the show. I figured commercials and articles about it tell me everything I need to know.

– Britain’s terror level was raised to severe today. Not what you want to hear when you’re visiting there soon.

– Manhattan has been temporarily renamed Revis Island. No word yet on whether 45th and Broadway will be renamed Shutdown Corner.

– And last but not least, a slow clap…clap…clap for the 69-year-old woman who was pulled from the rubble in Haiti 10 days after the earthquake. Amazing!

Yep, just bullets. No super-rant tonight.

Goodnight and God Bless,